Monday, July 18, 2011

The Odd Job Squad - Karl Fields

The Odd Job Squad by Karl Fields

Thirteen-year-old Ander Cartwright is an expert on two subjects: fortune cookies and payback. Especially payback. When he’s not struggling with algebra, Ander leads an anonymous revenge club that operates within the walls of Marina Middle School. Got a beef with a classmate? Email Ander’s crew and, if your case if legit, they’ll get even on your behalf. It’s not easy to right wrongs and fly under the radar at the same time. That’s why Ander developed three simple rules designed to help him and his friends stay incognito. But when Ander spots the opportunity to settle a score of his own, he ignores the rules, setting off a chain of events that threatens to blow his cover, and it’ll take all the butt-kicking, detention-dodging skill the guys can muster to keep a lid on their secret.

What will e-readers like about your book?
Readers will enjoy the book’s up-tempo, humorous style, as well as the creativity the characters bring to getting out of trouble. They will also enjoy the interspersed Odd Job Reports, which are recaps of previous revenge jobs the team has pulled off.

Why did you go indie?
In short, I think it’s good business. The biggest thing a publisher can do for me that I can’t do myself is bookstore distribution, but look how fast stores are closing. If I signed a traditional book deal today, it would be about 18 months before my book came out. By then, what stores will be left?  Add to that the disparity in the royalty rate offered by publishers compared to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, as well as the way publishing contracts are now being structured to tie up property rights indefinitely, and it was an easy decision for me.

Who are favorite authors in your genre?
Scott Westerfeld, Gennifer Choldenko, Sherman Alexie, Rick Riordan


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