Saturday, July 2, 2011

World Without Pain: The Story of a Search. A Memoir by John Walters

Bio:  John Walters is an American writer currently living in Greece with his Greek ife and some of his five sons.  He attended the 1973 Clarion West science fiction writing workshop and is a member of Science Fiction Writers of America.  He writes mainstream fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and memoirs of his wanderings around the world.
Product Description:  In the 1970s, after the Altamont Rock Festival, the Manson Family cult murders, and the fiasco of the Vietnam War many young people, disillusioned by the hippy movement, began to leave their homelands and travel to the far places of the world.  Hoping to find drugs, sex, freedom and excitement, they more often were confronted with destitution, despair, disease, loneliness, and culture shock.  As a young writer wishing to break out of the familiar rut in which he was stagnating, Walters hit the road during this time, first to Europe, then onward to the Indian Subcontinent.  He sampled Buddhism and radical Christianity; he wandered alone in the Himalayas; he listened to strange gurus spouting stranger doctrines; he watched the people around him deteriorating and dying in the lands of the East.  As he traveled onward he became fascinated with the road itself, and determined to discover its secrets. He wondered what it was that gave the road its alluring power, and he forsook everything else to find out.  His story will appeal to those who lived through the turmoil of the 60s and 70s, to those who are hungering after spiritual fulfillment, to writers and other artists in search of their voice and their inspiration, and to anyone who loves a true story of adventure and excitement in strange lands.
What will readers like about your book?  It's a true story about an aspect of the seventies that is not well known.  It's inspirational, exciting, and sometimes graphic in its depiction of drug use, sex, and life on the road.
Why did you go indie?  I found Dean Wesley Smith's blog and got inspired.  Traditional publishing was taking too long and I'm not getting any younger.
Favorite authors?  Henry Miller, Jack London, Jack Kerouac.
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