Friday, March 18, 2011

The Burning Sky - Joseph Robert Lewis

Joseph Robert Lewis began writing novels after a decade of writing and publishing about military theory and history, science and technology, politics and economics, and the real-life stories of soldiers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs. His other works include the science fiction novel Heirs of Mars.
THE BURNING SKY - Taziri Ohana is an elite airship pilot, though the long hours away from home have taken a toll on her family and she longs for a simpler life. When the Northern Air Corps is wiped out in a catastrophic fire, only Taziri survives to help the marshals pursue the suspects across the skies of Marrakesh. Their investigation reveals a vast conspiracy of deposed aristocrats, wealthy industrialists, and warmongers plotting against the crown. Taziri discovers that her own inventions have been perverted by the conspirators, the cities plunge into violent riots, and their only hope for salvation may be an exiled princess, her swashbuckling escort, and a crippled airship plummeting out of the burning sky.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

While it is a fast-paced chase story, the many heroes and villains are presented in great detail. The story's focus rotates from person to person with each chapter, giving the reader a richer understanding of the women and men trying to save or destroy the country.

The action is frequent, but also diverse: gunfights, fistfights, swordfights, etc. It's also full of bizarre machines and creatures, including steamships, airships, trains, steam carriages, mechanical limbs, sabre-toothed cats, and terror birds. This alternate world is as fantastical as it is exciting.

Q: Why did you go indie?

The traditional publication routine of write, query, and reject was just plain frustrating. I did that for two or three years, getting positive personal feedback, but making no real progress. And the more I learned about the realities of the industry, the more arbitrary and silly it seemed. When I learned how easy it was to self-publish electronically, it seemed silly not to try. And since I have several years of experience editing and designing books, I figured, "If not me, then who?"

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Right now my favorite fantasy authors include GRR Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, and Cherie Priest. My favorite science fiction authors include Charlie Stross and Michael Flynn.

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