Jeff Ambrose writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, mystery, and, on occasion, mainstream/literary fiction. He lives in North Texas, just outside of Dallas, with his wife and four kids.
Product Description
Shattered Wonders
is a collection of five science fiction stories, each with a dark bent. An old man seeks to give meaning in a society that has taken extreme measures to keep its population in check. A young man attempts to make the girl of his dreams a reality. A Catholic priest seeks to prove God’s existence by having God erased from his memory. Two friends set out to see the aliens and discover they are not what they expected. Finally, a short novel in which a starship captain, desperate to return home, seeks to quell an uprising on the planet of Edia-Prime, only to learn the planet hides an unexplainable terror.

What will e-readers like about your book?

Readers who like the science fiction of Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, or Orson Scott Card should like the short fiction collected in Shattered Wonders. That's to say that my stories are soft-sf and character-driven. And since I grew up reading authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker, my stories science fiction tends to have both dark and fantastical sides to them.

Why did you go indie?

It was an experiment, really. Back in December 2010, I had every intention of pursuing traditional publishing -- both for novels and short stories. But then I read Dean Wesley Smith's 2011 challenge to write and publish 100 short stories. For whatever reason, that got me really excited, and I started looking into "going indie." I thought about my options the rest of December and came to three conclusions: first, that indie publishing is a speeding train I might miss if I didn't get on now; second, that traditional book publishing is in the throes of change and is a dangerous place for beginning writers; and third, that traditional short story markets aren't going anywhere anytime soon -- except maybe to the Kindle and other e-reading devices. Since I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I decided to make 2011 the Year I Went Indie. Now that I've been at it for six weeks, I'm loving every part of it.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Besides Bradbury, Ellison, and Card, I enjoy the work of Stephen King, James Van Pelt, and H.P. Lovecraft very much.


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