Friday, March 25, 2011

The Undertaker, William F. Brown

Bio:   William F. Brown lives in Columbus , Ohio .  As Vice President of the real estate subsidiary of a Fortune 500 corporation, he traveled widely in the US and abroad.  A native of Chicago , he earned a BA in History and Russian Area Studies and a graduate degree from the University of Illinois .  He is the author of two published suspense novels. Thursday at Noon is a Joan Kahn Book published by St. Martin ’s Press in hardback, paper, and various foreign editions, reviewed in The New Yorker and other places.  The Allah Conspiracy was published by Beaufort Books.  He has two other novels out with publishers, plus The Undertaker, his first attempt at EPUB.  In addition to the five novels, he has written four screenplays. 

What Readers Will Like:  This is a fun-read suspense novel, a 'swimming pool' or beach book that has some horror, humor, and a touch of romance thrown in.  Can't beat that mix.
Why Indie?  The industry is changing.  Publishers are so risk averse that they won't even take a chance on published writers who might be 'mid-list.'  So screw 'em.  I'd rather have my work read and see if I can develop my own market.  

Where?  You can get it at Amazon and soon at Sony, Barnes, Kobo, and all the others.  Enjoy!

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